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Your order will be shipped out shortly

Any questions? Get in touch through our contact page

Wigs and hairpieces are non returnable due to health and saftey laws

We reserve the right to cancel the order for any reason.

We are not responsible for usps failures or foreign post,customs delays.  

Or other selected delivery forms delay.

Please contact customs or the shipping entity with your concerns. 

In the event of delay or damage please contact the delivery service

with your tracking number and inquiry for assistance. 

Buyers are responsible for safe acceptance provisions.

If  the buyer cannot provide a safe acceptance location please

leave a note for the delivery agency. 

In the event we deem a refund is in order all are subject to a 50% 

 per order restocking fee and shipping is not refundable if issued.

Refunds are subject to owner approval and

only if we are at cause not the shipping agency.

Shipping and recieving can be reached at 

all delivery questions should be sent to this department!



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