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Whitney color 18/22 ASH BLONDED LACE FRONT WIG

Custom french twist wig lace front. Please trim lace 1/2 inch from hairline . Best application is skin prosthetic glue called Prosaide (must buy remover too) .

*available from STAGE AND SCREEN FX online !

(less effective is top stick tape or fashion double stick tape on clean dry skin) Skin must be cleaned with alcohol prior to adhesives. 

Whitney color 18/22 ASH BLONDED LACE FRONT WIG

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  • See wig rules on the front page. 

    We do clean and restyle our wigs for a fee. Must remove hair pins to clean. ONLY use BIG sexy hairspray or HARDHEAD by BEDHEAD.

    NO HOT TOOLS Should be used on the fibers.

    Insurance, packaging/handling etc is included in this wig shipping fee

    Only store in box on the head protect from heat , dirt, light.


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