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  ORDER NOW the schedule is filling up for Fete galante, masquerades, theaters,conventions.... 


We are excited to create a wig or hair piece for you!

Due to the global  issues we face we are extending a code: 2020  

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ALL Rentals are suspended

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* things during or following holidays,sales or high volume times of the year can take 6-8 weeks or longer before they ship. 


You are welcome to ask where you fall in line!

 Priority and express will BE more reliable

EXPRESS it the only guaranteed method.


We have a rush add on per wig . THIS can be purchased on the insurance upgrades and more page or all products page.

Should you need items fast please contact us before you order to discuss  items and  wear date.Wear date (or rehearsal date/tech rehearsals are the wear date not the performance)  clearly marked on your order in the comments.

ALWAYS provide wear date on your order comments checkout!

DO you want to do layaway ask us how!

We create custom wigs and hair pieces people!


Eras include

Victorian wigs ,Edwardian wigs, !8th century wigs,

Hollywood wigs , Regency wigs, Elizabethan/Tudor wigs, 

1830's biedermeier era wigs, cavalier wigs , and fantasy wigs


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A place to find all of your period themed costumes, wigs and accessories. It is our hope that you will find our variety and eclectic style pleasing to your eye. The Historical Hairdresser has over 25 years experience in costuming, print, and movie productions.

Our motto is, " that if we don't have it we know someone who does."

Please take the time to visit thru our complete site.

As always we look forward to the privilege of serving your request.

We have many eras of wigs, costumes and more and do ship internationally!


Please contact us prior to purchase as service times vary and can take up to 6 weeks based on orders previously received, holidays etc. We also have a rush service add on during expedited need times (these are processed outside of normal work days hours.

  BUT we need to discuss if it is possible under your need timeline BEFORE purchase.


Customers must elect via purchase of insurance coverage or accept liability for safe delivery. Customers agree by purchasing to provide a in person  SECURE recipient for delivery. Safe delivery does not include notes to leave on doorstep or on property/ in yard. 

We love to design custom!              


If you do not see it on our site please email us at                               thehistoricalhairdresser@gmail.com  with requests.


                           The Historical Hairdresser


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If you have questions email us! 




Questions on ordering?

1. Go to the wig page of each item you wish to order

2.Place your item in the cart put the color # and any comments in the box next to the  exclamation. 

3. Hit the grey add to cart button below the box

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9. ALL our wigs come fully dressed/styled (by our stylists) and ready to wear. You only need to lift to fluff the curls that might get mussed in shipping.

10. WE USE and sell BIG SEXY HAIR by SEXY HAIR CONCEPTS and  HARD HEAD by BED HEAD finishing spray for non-movable hold!

11. If you have questions upon receipt of your order ASK before you alter the wig. WE can help.


Wigs and hairpieces are non returnable due to health and safety laws


We reserve the right to cancel the order for any reason.


We are not responsible for usps failures or foreign post,customs delays,

acts of nature,war.  

Or other selected delivery forms delay.


Please contact customs or the shipping entity with your concerns. 

In the event of delay or damage please contact the delivery service

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Buyers are responsible for safe acceptance provisions.


If  the buyer cannot provide a safe acceptance location please

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Replacements will only be supplied after the insurance claim is filed and payment is granted on claim provided the insurance is purchased by the buyer or included insurance amount (services like express or some priority).  * A insurance payment will only occur if you the buyer purchase insurance for your whole order and if it is granted by the postal company.


Insurance for loss or damage is required to be purchased  for your protection . You may waive that right if you purchase and by default accept sole responsibility for safe intact acceptance.


Swatches not returned within 3 weeks forfeit rental cost and transfers ownership to the renter. Swatch rental is not subject to ANY discounts. 


Swatch rentals must be received back BEFORE the code is given to purchase items. . Buyer may use the code on future items if expedited order is needed . No refunds for swatch rentals under any circumstances. You or a friend must use it via  a custom  1 time credit code for purchase of a wig or hairpiece on the website.


Shipping and receiving can be reached at 


all delivery questions should be sent to this department!



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